Eight years ago I had cancer. It couldn’t have come at a worse time. I had quit a cushy corporate job to go out into the biz world and do my own thing. And? It really didn’t work out. I lost money and felt like the biggest failure. After nine months with no income I was desperate for work. So I took a job that I hated more than waitressing the overnight shift at Denny’s restaurant. I was working about seventy hours a week, and I hated life. That’s when cancer showed up. 

During my darkest moments, I found spiritual connection in meditation, healthier eating and exercise. That led to a complete shift in my mental.

Over the last decade I’ve learned things that have made me a better me. I have more peace. I find joy in everyday and I'm living boldly by being my real self out there in front of everyone. Loud. Laughy. Cursey. Real. Scars and all.

These life changing lessons connect me to Spirit in the deepest way, like a friend when I need it most. They have shifted my soul, reset my life. I learned these lessons from having cancer, but it is not a book about cancer or any other illness. 

This a book about living, full out, feeling good and accepting who you are a little bit more. This is how I learned to be a happier, healthier person everyday. If you need some hope in your life and some simple little things you can do to shift your soul, then this is it.


I believe there are no coincidences. Perhaps Spirit has been waiting for you to pick up a book like this so a shift can occur for you, too. If you’re here, then Spirit is ready to shift you up and into something new.

These lessons changed my life. I know they will do the same for you. Let's shift your soul and help make you a happier, healthier and whole you.

Soul Shift: Life Changing Lessons To Feel Happier, Healthier And Whole


    Steph Stanford