Want to know the truth? I'm a carnival baby. A few times a year I visit warm, tropical islands and dance with friends until I drop, waking up at 3 am to dance in the dark until sunrise. That's what you see in pics...but that's not the whole story.


Let me tell you what happens BEFORE all that. There is self judgement, self-loathing, feeling not good enough, comparing yourself to others and feeling this incredible pressure to be as good as someone else. I just didnt like myself because all I could see was side tummy, muffin top, flat bottom and cellulite.


As a result I did some CRAZY things to try to change myself. I drank tea that made me nauseous and gave me migraines. I ate oatmeal that made me want to gag. I gave up meat, beans, fruit, bread, all sweets, sugar and salt. I'd fast and diet so that I could lose weight. I did things I HATED...because I felt so much pressure to look good. But I never quite met my personal weight goals & I was MISERABLE because I was hungry and feeling deprived. 


It was just too hard. I needed to lose weight...but I needed to do it in a way that didn't OVERWHELM ME! I had to feel good and it had to be manageable. I wanted to look good, but I just couldn’t crash diet myself to it anymore, because I'd fall off & gain it all back. 


Until this year, baby!! This year I said I'm not doing that crap anymore. I can't! I decided to take baby steps.

  • I added more and more healthy things to my diet a little bit at a time instead of forcing myself to give up every single thing I loved to eat.
  • I took my time & found ways to have FLAVOR
  • I stopped forcing me into depravation and ate healthy whenever I was hungry
  • I let myself have some snacks (less, but some)
  • I changed what I ate & WHEN I ate


Guess what happened? For the first time in more than a decade......I MET MY GOAL WEIGHT AND DROPPED 4% BODY FAT. And it all happened 4 months early!


For the first time in YEARS...

  • I didn't dread shopping
  • I didn't feel that pressure to be perfect
  • I felt beautiful and confident
  • I liked the way I looked
  • I could love me, even as I still worked to meet new goals
  • I looked new outside...I FELT NEW INSIDE


It happened because I took baby steps and stopped punishing my body. I chose to love me instead and it made me SEXIER, HEALTHIER AND LEANER than I've been in years. I'm the healthiest I have EVER been I'm a new woman with confidence inside that matches what you see on the outside.


I want every woman and every man to feel like this. I want everyone to meet their goal weight...but even more important, I want you to love yourself this much. It feels amazing. So I decided to take the months of learning and trial and error and research it took to get me here and put it into 1 simple course.


I've taken my 7 steps, recorded 1 video for each one and I have them ready to send to you right now.


This is the easiest thing I've ever done to get my body back. I realize that some of you want to lose 100 pounds, some only want to lose 10. The process is the same. If you follow these baby steps you'll see your body change and you'll be able to maintain it because it's easy. Honey, you'll get yourself Sexy, Healthy & Lean.


This course has....

  • 7 instructional videos, outlining the 1 step you need to take for that week
  • 7 motivational videos, because this journey isn’t perfect. It’s about progress so I wanted to share uplifting thoughts and new perspectives to keep you going
  • Flavorful, healthy and easy recipes that I actually use
  • An amazing eating analysis that identifies your eating trends and habits, challenging times of day, life triggers and most important...it provides strategies for dealing with those issues
  • This is everything I did to get where I am today, wrapped up in a very simple step by step process that you can follow at home


Listen, I'm not some PhD nutritionist. I'm a girl who struggled for years (even though nobody knew) and I finally figured it out. I believe every person should feel this good so I decided to put my baby steps into 1 easy plan so that someone like YOU, who feels like I FELT…could make the changes that I made. These baby steps helped me meet my weight goals, lean out and get healthier than I've ever been. It gave me my confidence back.


If you're the one who I did this for….know that I see you. I understand and you're the one who I created this master class for. It's called Sexy, Healthy & Lean! If you want that, click the link and sign up now.


I know that someone desperately needs this and I also know that someone is unsure. But I want you to feel like I feel so I'm going to give you something extra to help you make the decision.



  • My personal feedback on the eating analysis! Send it to me and I'll share more custom ideas just or you!
  • AND....2- 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with me! Let’s create personalized strategies just for you


If that's for you...click the link. I'm sending you all my love because I want every person to feel Sexy, Healthy & Lean!


*Please consult your doctor or health professional before beginning any health, fitness or nutrition program. This is meant for educational purposes and should not be considered medical advice. Results are anticipated, however they may vary. The amount of effort and work you put into this program will greatly impact the results. All fees are non-refundable and non-cancelable. However, if after 90 days you are not satisfied with your results I will offer an additional 30 minute coaching session to identify additional success strategies with you.

Sexy, Healthy & Lean

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    Steph Stanford