Welcome to RISE: Like A Phoenix From The Flame


This is a 30 day manifesting mission to change something in your life in 30 days.


You may be want to change your mindset, or have a new beginning in your business. You may be the one who needs more peace NOW or more clarity about your life purpose.


You may want new love or help healing old hurts. Whatever YOU need is waiting in 30 days of manifesting a miracle through RISE.


RISE changes your outside by listening to your inside. It shifts your energy, the way you feel, your ability to hear guidance and gives you concrete steps you can take to make the changes happen in your actual life. 


I am teaching you how to connect with the Creative Power Of The Universe thorugh nature.


This is what it has done for me & what it can do for you.

  • It helped me write 2 books
  • Coach people across the US, Canada, the Caribbean & Europe
  • Be featured on 85+ stages & shows as an expert
  • Find jobs
  • Attract clients
  • And the entire process felt easier. I didn't have to fight or push or hustle
  • I was given ideas, insight and even daily action plans
  • It's given me clarity and calm and more ease
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • Helped me get past the insane amount of negative thoughts I've had about myself, the self doubt
  • And when fear shows up (because it still does) I get calm faster & answers come
  • I can look back and see the deep hole I was in. I could not have accomplished those things without guidance
  • Nature is my tool to manifest a miracle with help from The Loving Creative Power Of The Universe


This ability isn't something that I was born with. It was a skill I learned. It is my greatest desire to teach people how to do the same & for it to take less time.


There are 4 key principles to learn this miracle manifesting skill.  

  1. The universe is your friend: When you believe it, you really see signs & your world will shifts. Change the inner to change the outer.
  2. Anyone can hear: Learn to the language of nature & how to listen.
  3. Nature is ready to guide: Get specific answers by asking the right questions.
  4. Take the action: There will be steps you take in your real life. We don't just sit around and visualize. Let's turn that into a plan. Trusting your intuition & moving.


Is this for you?  

  • Have you recently been really tired and overwhelmed?
  • Feeling like you can't see the way out?
  • Confused about where to start?
  • Frustrated with being in the same place too long?
  • Feeling like your legs got knocked out from underneath you because of a change?
  • And desiring something different?!?
  • Are you a spiritual woman OR A MAN who believes in something bigger, whatever you call it? (This is for men, too.) 


This is for spiritual people who dont have a lot of time, but are ready to put in a little work each day to let The Creative Power Of The Universe point the way. 


This will be an easy DIY process where you spend a few minutes each day just listening to a meditation, then answering a few questions or completing an exercise. Work at your own pace & if you miss a day, you're not behind. You just pick back up. 


You get all these things!!!!!!!!

  • 8 custom meditations
  • Daily instruction for 30 days
  • Daily channeled soul shifting messages for 30 days
  • 4 LIVES with Steph (and some coaching on the spot)
  • Recordings available if you can't make it
  • Connection to a supportive spiritual community
  • And the price is only $199. 
  • Early birds will get it for only $149
  • THIS IS AN INTRODUCTORY OFFER - $149 to the first 20 people, then $199.
  • *****THE BIGGEST BONUS  - Those first 20 people get Steph's Exercise feeback. If you send your exercise answers, I will share coaching insights.


If you consistantly give 15 minutes a day for 30 days you can manifest your own miracle. You WILL be clearer, feel calmer and know how to begin.  


That's it. It's for you or it's not. I am ready to teach you the skill that has helped me manifest my own miracles & I'm teaching you in 30 days.


Are you RISING with me? Like A Phoenix From The Flame?



RISE: Like A Phoenix From The Flame

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