How have you been feeling lately?


I can tell you how I’ve been feeling. EMO!!! Yes. Emotional!!! CAPITAL E. And stressed, intense, kind of on edge. You, too?


How are you sleeping? Yeah. I know about that, too. This past year has been a lot to handle. We're all in different boats, but every one of us has felt the intense pressure without our traditional ways to relax.


There's really been only one thing getting me through. And that’s meditation (Well and soca music. Topic for another time). I don’t know if you’ve meditated before, but it helps soothe me when I'm emotional and it helps me start and end my days with peace. If the middle is messy, it helps me bounce back faster.


I feel like it's rescued me and been there for me when I didn’t want to call my friends and burden them with my feelings. Meditation is just always there to comfort and soothe and make me feel thankful and calm again. It connects me to Spirit (whatever you call that). 


Are you a meditator? Some people are afraid of that word, bc they don’t know if they have to sit in some uncomfortable pose. They’re wondering if they CAN meditate. Some of them may have tried it before and it didn’t work. That’s all ok.


So, let me tell you what this is and what it isn’t.


  • Closing your eyes and breathing 
  • I talk & together we go some place peaceful, calm and enjoyable
  • You feel safe and calm and joyful
  • And it happens in 6 to 20 minutes


IT ISN'T....

  • Sitting in silence with no sound
  • Weird poses. Sit or lay. It’s up to you.
  • Something to stress over. Do it when you can. No judgement


But the more you do it, the easier it gets.

This past year it helped me….

  • Feel comfort
  • Feel safe
  • Feel like I'm going to be ok
  • It’s interrupted that crazy, racing thought, short breath, trying not to cry thing
  • It helps me feel less stress, anxiety, worry and sadness
  • AND….
  • It helps me get more connected
  • My intuition, my creativity and my ability to hear spiritual guidance all open up
  • It doesn’t stop storms from coming, but it makes them easier to deal with,


You may not know but I’ve been meditating and teaching it for more than 10 years. That’s 5300+ hours in meditation. There’s scientific data that proves meditation….

  • Stills the mind
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Decreases stress, anxiety & depression
  • slows brain wave activity
  • and helps you sleep better


But I just use it because it comforts my soul.  

I created this for beginning meditators and those with moderate experience.

  • There are short & longer meditations. 6 minutes to 20 minutes
  • Start where you are and move up
  • No rules. No pressure. No class or check in. Use this when you need some peace.
  • Guided (I talk, and you listen) is easy



CLICK HERE for a shorter meditation

CLICK HERE for a longer meditation

There's no doing it wrong. Some days I'm totally focused, other days my minds roams a little. It's ok!!  It gets easier. I PROMISE!


So are you ready now? To feel the peace that I feel? To reduce your anxiety, stress and worry? Then this is for you.  


You get 15 guided meditations for only $28.

The rest is up to you. Click now to get access and start right now. Close your eyes and come along with me. If you make this a regular practice a few times a week, you will ABSOLUTELY feel more peace throughout your day.


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CALM THE F*** DOWN: The Stress Less Meditation Series


    Steph Stanford