The Truth About My Carnival Body

Aaahhhh Miami carnival. It was just a few months ago. I remember this pic so well, because it was the first carnival in more than a decade where I wasn’t self conscious at all. Self conscious? You, Steph? Yeah, me. Let me explain.

CARNIVAL SEASON is my Christmas (and it kicks off again in only 7 weeks..OMG!!). The madness is about to begin. Waking up at 3 am to dance in the dark until sunrise. Sleeping for a few hours then hopping aboard a 3 story party boat to push back your bumper while your favorite performer gets crazy on stage. Drinks. Sunshine. Friends. Freedom. I mean, FREEEDOM! It's ok to dance provocatively with a partner because a dance is just a dance. It's dancing in the rain, big hair moments, hugging up your friends while you jump to beats and absolute joy beyond words. That's what you see in pics...but that's not the whole story.

People never share what happens BEFORE all of that greatness. Only close friends talk about the self judgement, the feeling not good enough, the worry that you won't look nice compared to the thousands of others around you. Very few admit that we worry about side tummies, flat butts and cellulite but IT'S SO TRUE.

I’ll never forget a woman I danced with on a boat ride once. I remember thinking how she had the ideal body that I dreamed of having. She looked phenomenal and rocked a risky 1 piece swimsuit with goddess-ness. I thought...good for her. We danced for just a few minutes (bc everyone dances with each other... so normal)..…and just before leaving she whispered in my ear…do I look ok? Because I don't feel very nice in this. I feel fat and ugly.

My heart broke in that moment....because I knew how she felt....never good enough & self-conscious of my body.

This year I got tired of that bullshit. I mean so tired that you say...I just can't live like this anymore. I can't keep doing things like drinking tea that gave me migraines, eating oatmeal that made me want to gag and feeling insanely deprived just to lose a pound or two. I couldn't keep doing drastic things to lose weight and I couldn't keep thinking all those terrible thoughts about myself.

So I did something new. I decided to take baby steps. I would introduce more and more healthy things into my way of eating, a little bit at a time. I would find ways to eat things that tasted good. I would stop pressuring myself to lose 50 lbs in 1 week and lose weight in way that felt manageable, not overwhelming.

Do you know what happened? I reached my goal weight 4 months early and I lost 4% body fat! Woot. Woot! For the first time EVER it wasn't a struggle. Plus, I got healthier than I've ever been in my entire life!!! I feel so amazing and grateful. I chose healthy and it led to meeting my body goals and to accepting myself...even as I still work to meet new goals.

Listen, I'm not some phd nutritionist. I'm a girl who struggled for years (even though nobody knew) and I finally figured it out. I believe every person should feel this good so I decided to put my baby steps into 1 easy plan so that someone like YOU, who feels like I FELT…could make the changes that I made. These baby steps helped me lose weight and lean out, but it also helped me accept me...even as I continue to walk this journey. It gave me my confidence back.

If you're the one who I did this for….know that I see you. I understand. And you're the one who I created this master class for. It's called Sexy, Healthy & Lean! If you want that, click the link and sign up now.

I know that someone desperately needs this and I also know that someone is unsure. But I want you to feel like I feel so I'm going to give you something extra to help you make the decision.


* The entire program

* My personal feedback on the homework to help you reach your level even faster

* Plus 2, 30 minute one on one coaching sessions with me, so I can give you personalized strategies just for you

If that's for I'm sending you all my love because I want every person to feel Sexy, Healthy & Lean!

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