When a woman puts on feathers, something changes. She appreciates her hips and her chest, her curves and even her bumps. She forgets those things that make her feel small. She remembers that she was born a Goddess.” ~ Me. Steph Stanford

I just wanted to make women FEEL THAT and I had this crazy idea about how to do it, almost 10 years ago.

I was going to have an empowerment event like no other. It would be fun & crazy & over-the-top! Idea after idea popped into my head. I could SEE the faces of women laughing, smiling, jumping, and lost in happiness.

But that was where my dream stopped. Right there. In my head.


Honesty? Because I let those “other” voices control my life.

How are you going to do this? You don’t have the money to put that on? What if no one comes? What if you big fat fail?!? You’re not good at technology or sales. You don’t even have experience at this. What if you big fat fail? (Yeah that one came up often.)

So what changed?

Life. I went through some very sad and difficult times. Failing in business. Being unemployed. Having no money. Having breast cancer and FEELING like the world’s biggest failure. When I was at the bottom I remembered my mother’s greatest life lesson.

LIFE IS SHORT. YOU ARE NOT PROMISED TOMORROW. You are smart enough! If you do fail, you’ll figure out how to get back up. LIVE FOR TODAY. LIVE FULL OUT. TRY. YOU CAN DO ANYTHING YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.

And THE SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE TOUR was born, because my mother’s message set MY heart on fire. I remembered who God made me to be.

On that day, it was craziness. A full-on fire opening scene where Janice Stone, the Fairy Godmother of Soca Land stole the show when she burst on the scene in a royal blue explosion of front line glitter and feathers.

She was followed by a group of oh-so-sexy Carnival Babies, Stassie Fit, Sandra Halaby-Soyer and Jessie Little danced in gyrating waistlines and stealing the show right back.

But honey??!!! Honey! Jermaine Gaspard overshadowed us all with golden, cinnamon brown muscles and carnival costume revelry and wine'n demonstration.

I guess I played a part in this hilarious opening scene, when I saw him and pulled off my tanty-moo-moo nightgown and shower cap to reveal my own carnival costume. OMG fun!

It set the tone for what I wanted. Entertainment. Freedom. Joy. Excitement for women who needed re-charging and restoring.

But it was so much more than just fun and crazy. It was REAL heart felt and HONEST stories from Quadeera Teart and Carla Hill that reminded us that life aint always pretty.

We are all human. We all fail to take care of ourselves, but we can make it. We can make it!!! They were brave enough to share their truths and admit that we all feel that NOT-ENOUGH thing too often.

I feel teary even now because I am still receiving comments like these.....

“I have to applaud Steph for an incredible experience. It was only the beginning of the year when she shared her idea to have an empowerment event for women, like nothing I had heard of before. It was like Rachel Hollis Meats the Caribbean. Thought provoking and a ton of fun.”

“My soul was fueled today at your Set Your Life On Fire Tour event. I’m so grateful to have experienced this with so many powerful women. Your energy is contagious."

“[I came because of…] your transparency, personality, positivity, honesty and being able to connect and the fact that you live soca [ music and ] your support for others.”

I shared my own stories about how soca changed my life and gave me the power to choose me again.

It took me 10 years to block out the voices of people around me who said I couldn’t. 10 years to block out MY OWN VOICE that said, you’re not enough. It took me 10 years to set my own life on fire and decide that MY OPINION had to be the one that counted the most.

Women came for many reasons. Ive been talking with many of them since and they’ve told me they felt weak after divorces. They had lost jobs. They felt frumpy because they had just neglected themselves for so long. Women told me that they needed friendship, a boost to get them out of a funk and someone to remind that they could.

They needed laughter and to just FEEL the vibes of this event.

So what I want to say, in closing is....you have no idea how overwhelmed I am at all the loving support I received from you. From every person who came, those who bought tickets knowing they couldn’t, from volunteers and speakers, dancers and friends.

You have no idea how overwhelming loved I feel and how the tears still come because I am so grateful FOR YOU...EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU WHO JUST LIKED A PIC TO LMK THAT I WAS ON THE RIGHT PATH.

I owe more than I know how to give to our #1 Premier Sponsor...HAIR ECSTASY. They gave products, their passion, they supported and truly showed how much they believe in the beauty of women. I’m just amazed...and btw..their hair polisher has changed my life. Just had a discussion about this with a friend. Check them out for curly and straight hair products online, in stores and in the US and across the Caribbean. www.HairEcstasy.com.

ALL OF YOU MADE MY DREAMS COME TRUE. So now it’s time for you to take the baton from me.....and carry it in your own race. It’s time to SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE. Don’t let the messages sit in your heart. Take a chance ON YOU and go for it. Do that thing you always wanted to do...because people are waiting on you. I love you. I believe in you. I thank you.

This is in no way over. New cities TBA soon, plus trivia and giveaways planned on my social media. So stay tuned and HEY...if you’re not sure what your next step is...CONTACT ME. I’m a life coach, too and I can show you how to take those big steps...just like I did bring this event to life. Shout me anytime. Let’s work together to get you there. Let’s SET YOUR LIFE ON FIRE!

LOOK ME UP. Send me a note. Share you fire setting story with me. I look forward to hearing from you darlings. All of you. Steph Stanford Two-time published author, speaker, coach Mind, Body, Soul Coach & Wellness Expert Featured on 65+ radio and internet shows Helping people RESET Their Lives Phone: 954-562-6736 Email: stephstanford@gmail.com Website: www.StephStanford.com Facebook: StephStanford

Instagram: thestephstanford

photo cred: 24th Wonder_

photo cred: https://www.instagram.com/alain.green.protog/

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