Dont Let Your Exercise Be So 1986

I woke up this morning just wanting to stay in bed, not just because I was tired but because it was just one of those days you want to hide from the world. Let me start with yesterday. I had a mini-meltdown. Like secretly cry in your car with snot running down your face and that ugly face that you try unsuccessfully to hide from other drivers. Yeah, that was me. Hey. Im human. I have them.

So today, when I woke up my eyes were swollen. I felt tired and I soooo didnt want to do any of the things I normally do in the morning. I layed there trying to hide from the world as I browsed social media.

But the time came when I knew I had just couldnt hide anymore. I skipped all the mind-shifting, positive focus stuff I normally do, but I just couldnt face my morning run in that sauna, burn your skin off Florida heat. Not duh-daaaaay.

Then I remembered I had a few yoga sessions left on a gift card. I got up and showered, planning to go, but I caught myself thinking, "I wish my favorite instructor was teaching there, at the yoga studio." Sigh.

Shes relaxing and slow and nobody can see my shirt rising up or how awkward I look so because Im soooo inflexible. Nobodys knows if I break a pose because it's just a little too much and they cant hear me fart. Plus that chick just makes me feeeel so good. I wish SHE was teaching there.

Wait. She IS TEACHING this morning....and anytime I want her to teach. Shes on youtube! (fyi - I just started doing 5-15 minute sessions with this chick earlier in the week. I dont actually know her.)

Thought: Why am I going to a studio when I can do yoga with my favorite person in my now...without even brushing my teeth!?!

So thats what I did. Yoga. In my bedroom. With my ill-fitting but super comfy stretchy shorts that I wouldnt dare wear in public...but my SOUL felt better when I was done.

Theres a message here...and its not just about snot and ill fitting stretchy shorts. Its about how you look at fitness and whats been stopping you in the past.

Dont be all 1986. Exercise and fitness dont have to feel like punishment anymore. Theres yoga for beginners. Soca exercise for non-dancin' folks. Zumba. PIlates and simple old put on your jams from whatever your favorite era was...and just dance.

People say fitness should be fun. I agree. But its more then that.

NEW FITNESS not only enjoy it, but it also feels good. You listen to the type of exercise your body needs in that moment, at this fitness level you are at, and you do THAT. Its perfectly ok to start with a 5 minute or a 10 minute routine in your own house with somebody on youtube.

NEW FITNESS is about HELPING your body. Being proud of him or her. Being aware when its hurting and sending a loving message to that spot by stretching or laying down or even skipping your intense run to do something calming and soothing instead.

Muscle fixing is muscle fixing. It all helps elevate our minds, bodies and souls.

SO?!? Take a tip from me. Try some NEW FITNESS baby girl. Try some NEW FITNESS you strong sexy man.

NEW FITNESS is where you listen to your body and youre kind to it. Exercise should be kind. YOU should be kind to YOU. Dont you think?

Love ya'll...have a healthy mind, body, soul kinda day from me, Steph

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