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ID Your Side Hustle. Attract More Dates.

Get Healthy & Lean. Feel Confident.

So many answers are waiting for you.

Hey There.Nice to meet ya. 

I'm a fun-loving, slightly-over-the-top kinda chick who believes that Soca music & Spirit can shift anyone’s life!  

I've earned a Bachelors in Psychology & worked in mental health for 5 years. I earned a Masters degree, specializing in marketing and spent almost 10 years in corporate leadership at Motorola, Boeing & Burger King Corp.


I've been featured as an expert on more than 75 stages and shows & I can help YOU get answers from your soul and take action.


I've helped women across the US, Europe & the Caribbean attract more great men, identify fulfilling side-hustles, get in better shape and live life to the fullest.


Lets get YOU started with Soca & Spirit. Listen, there are many challenges, but one solution. 

Answers from your soul + action!!! Lets do this!!

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She helped me develop a better sense of fun and adventure in dating. Being a single mom and ending a serious commitment had me doubting myself with guys at every turn. Stephanie helped me to attract better quality men and attract better in life, too. Stephanie is the real deal. She’s just the kind of person you want around to help you gain clarity about your love and dating life.

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Steph Stanford