The Soca & Spirit Crew

Who Are We?


We are fun-loving, easy- going women & men who love vibes and craziness and living life to the fullest.


We love the energy of Soca music. Some of use are new to it because we didn't grow up with it, while others have been connected to its life-giving energy all our lives. 

We're sexy and spicy and sometimes a little bit over the top, but we don't care because we love that about ourselves.


We're spiritual...any kind of spiritual that works for us. 

We could be talking to our ancestors, spirit guides or angels when we need some help & if we don't know how yet, we want to know.

We have big dreams and we use the energy of Soca & Spirit to get us there. 

We are the Soca & Spirit Crew. YOU are now invited.

Our crew helps you feel good

& solve everyday problems easier

We help you...

Feel more balanced & peaceful

Believe in yourself  more 

Live happier, healthier & whole

Get spiritually connected


Get clear, specific answers from within


Take action


Make big changes in your life

With help from Soca & Spirit

FEEEEL good & get unstuck 

with Spiritual connection & Soca

But what do ya'll  do?

WE DANCE to let go of self judgement & welcome in our sexiest selves

WE MEDITATE to feel peaceful & get clarity on whats next

WE LEARN from real people who want to give specific tips about how to be happier, healthier & whole

WE WORK ON OURSELVES with exercises, live coaching & more

WE CONNECT WITH SOCA & SPIRIT to FEEL GOOD everyday & change our lives with answers from our soul

You get so much from  this group

  • Custom, recorded meditations

  • Personal development exercises with thought provoking questions

  • Virtual dance parties (hello, its called SOCA & SPIRIT)

  • Empowering messages not shared any where else

  • Discounts on Steph's products & services

  • Access to giveaways like free coaching sessions, VIP days with Steph and more

  • And! And! The best part!!!

  • ***Masterclass LIVE sessions 2 times per month for the big shifts you want to make in your life

  • Plus I always have surprises

What are you really getting?

Peace & calm & clarity every day

Joy & happiness & ease you dont normally feel

More confidence in yourself & your dreams

Deeper spirtual connection to push you past fear & get you moving 

You get soca & spirit with a coach who can shift your life for only $19 per month. 

Come get you some 'uh dat Soca & Spirit Crew love.



Is this for you?

Well IDK?

What it Is NOT

A coaching program

Required times and classes

A specific schedule

Required homework

What it 


A possee of women & men

(yes, men can join, too!)

Who want to FEEL more positive energy & less stress

Who want more spiritual connection

So they can make moves on their own

Easy guidance & joy

at your leisure


Deeper access to what you see in my social pages


Soca & Spirit

Is this for you?

Are ya fun & spiritual?

Do you feel the vibes in Soca music (or want to)?

Are you a little over the top & ok with that?

And do you wish that God or Spirit or Whatever you call "It" would drop in sometimes with some clear answers?

And most of there something you want really badly? And have you been stuck for too long? 

Yeah. We're your people.

Be one of us for only

$19 per month

***Get it for

Only $9 per month


Sign up between Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The Soca & Spirit Crew

 It was like Rachel Hollis meets the Caribbean! 💃🏾 The concept had this Caribbean girl excited and exceed[ed] expectations..incredible! Thought provoking and a ton of fun!
If it weren’t for you I don’t think I would have gotten here so quickly. I came to you because I wanted something different. I can feel it. Things are changing.

Since day one of working together, my confidence in myself, my relationship with God and my business has skyrocketed! I have had so many "aha moments" during our sessions that have literally changed my life for the better. She has helped me dig deep within myself, clear away the junk that's been holding me back and learn how to connect with God and myself on a level I didn't even know was possible! I was making it hard and needed Steph's guidance to unscramble it all and make it flow effortlessly!

Yeah. We're your people.

Be one of us for only

$19 per month

Only $9 per month Sale


Black Friday Through Cyber Monday

The Soca & Spirit Crew

It's time to

Steph Stanford