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Only nobody knows it. Huh? People see is the girl who posts. The girl who's always laughing.

The girl who you go to when you need help.   


No one would ever believe that under all the smiles and take charge, make-ya-feel-safe energy, there's somebody under there who constantly battles that feeling of "I'm not sure I'm enough to do this." 

It's that sucky feeling that gets in our way.


See, we have big dreams. We FEEL that we were born for more! We KNOW IT. We get ideas every single day about how to help the world & how to make our own lives better! But when we try, we get overwhelmed & scared & we stop. 

But the dream doesn't go away. It pops up on Monday mornings when we head to jobs we hate. It pops up when we see someone else doing what we want to do. And it pops up every time we wish we could just get this business, this blog, this book, this podcast, this event, this group, this whatever going then our lives.    

We want more. We want next year to be better than this year. We know we were born it...more.

But we can't quite figure out how to get the more & it's frustrating.

Let's Create Your Spiritually Guided ACTION PLAN 
  • Do you have a dream that just won't go away?

  • Are you always getting ideas for it?

  • Like a million ideas that just won't go away?

  • Do you KNOW that you were made for more, but just cant stay consistent enough to make it happen?

There was a time when I felt focused & on fire.

I knew what I was doing. I worked full time and earned a BA in Psychology. I worked for major corporations like Boeing, Motorola, and Burger King Corp (and I wasn't on fries, either).  I went BACK to school and earned a 2nd degree, a MBA.


But something happened to shake my confidence & it's been hard to bounce back. In 2008 I left one of those big money jobs to start my own biz.

And. I. Failed. Miserably.

Like lose all your money, go into debt and feel like a big old loser, crying in the shower so nobody else would know kind of miserable.

One big fail made me doubt me & it shook me so hard that it made me afraid to try. And I've talked to a lot of other people who feel the same. We had dreams & we were moving forward, then something happened to shake us.

Losing jobs. Closing businesses you tried to start. Having families. Divorces. Even health issues and difficulties with weight can shake your confidence.

But I found ways to get past that. With Spiritual Guidance!

I was sitting in my car in silence, about to go to another job fair and feeling hopeless.  I paused & asked God to be my co-pilot. Then I said, my pilot.


And I heard....I AM THE PLANE. Whoa! Right?!? It was the 1st time I heard God talking to me in my life & it put me on a trajectory that changed my life.


I decided to get to know God for myself. Not in all the traditional ways I learned as a kid. 


I read spiritual, energy and archangel books. Like 150 books. That's a lot. I took meditation classes. I began eating more plants. Giving thanks. And learning a million different ways to hear guidance from the spirit world.


And they showed me that They were ready to give me concrete, deliberate, specific steps toward my dreams. God, Spirit, Universe, the Angels, Nature...whatever you call it, something bigger than me showed me how to get results and make REAL PROGRESS toward what I wanted.

This is what I was able to do.....

  • Publish my first book

  • Be a featured author in a Kindle Best Seller 

  • Be an expert guest on over 50 online and live radio shows

  • Attract paid coaching clients

  • Speak at conferences, in workshops, in businesses and as a keynote at the National Black MBA, S. Florida chapter

  • I hosted my own events

  • And I began consistently working toward my dreams!

It happened when I did 2 things.  

Spirit work + Real work = Progress & Getting More

So I created the program

I always wanted:

  • Spirit work

  • Real work

  • Someone to hold me accountable

  • Time with the coach just for me

Get More & Get It Done! 

Group Master Classes * One On One Time * Accountability * Your Action Plan

A 12 Week Coaching Program To Finally:

You choose the goal. I help you identify the steps & get it done! 

  • Bi-weekly LIVE Masterclasses. Every other week I'll share the next step in your ACTION PLAN & you can ask questions. It's recorded if you miss it.  Why bi-weekly? Beeccaaauusssee on alternate weeks I'll have office hours!


  • One to One Time With ME! You get 3, 30 minute one on one sessions! (Isn't that awesome?!? I'm not trying to toot my own horn, but when I work with my one on one clients we get shit done! Toot-toot, baby.) 


  • Weekly Accountability Check In! Yes. On Fridays I'm going to check in with each of you. It will only take a minute, but I want to make sure you're getting things done. This is your accountability piece. I know you need it. Because I needed it. You'll get it done because somebody's watching. 


  • Your Custom Spiritual ACTION PLAN. You'll use my steps to get your next best step from your soul. This is not the road map. It's the road.


  • Video Library Access.  This is my inspiration filled keep-you-moving video explosion. Tools to help you FEEL GOOD in the process. Balanced. Brave even if you're scared. Motivational videos. Spiritual videos. Meditation videos. Empowerment. Mindset shifting videos. This is what I know after reading more than 150 spiritual books, meditation classes & my life experience.


  • Community. We'll have a closed FB group of people like YOU!. People say this and I always think. I'm paying for community? What's that even mean? It means there are people just like you...who feel the same....who are natural inspire-ers, who want to help the world, who are positive & who are full of ideas. They will be your online network of folks who you can brainstorm with and bounce ideas off of. They think positively and believe when your friends and family don't. They are your support in this thang!! 

Isn't that amazing???

So are you ready to get more?

If you do the exercises, schedule time with me and take action on the things your SOUL tells you to do...

You will have an action plan and specific steps that you can use to move forward on any goal. 


You will trust your decisions.

You will have faith that the Universe is helping.

You'll feel more confident & peaceful along the way.

Less fear and more moves! 

Whats in the course? Here's the lineup... 

Pre Work 1 : 25 words of POWER

Before we even started, get clear on how badass you really are. Doing new things will feel intimidating at times. So you're going to need confidence. This tool helps PUSH you beyond fear. 

Pre Work 2: MORE Listening

In the coming weeks I'll ask you to listen - IN, to get answers from your soul. First I have to teach you how to listen.  This is getting the cell phone number & Instagram account for the Universe. The how-to of listening to Spiritual Guidance.

Lesson 1:  What's your real MORE? (your real goal)

Let me keep it 100! I know you want something. You want to write a book, start a podcast, speak, coach, teach, share what you know best, that thing that makes you excited or maybe just be happy being you again.  But you need to flush out the goals behind the goal. What's your REASON for this goal? The one you haven't talked about. Let's ID the true thing you want, the why you want it, and the baby steps that can make it feel less intimidating. 

Lesson 2: MORE with the help of EARTH

Earth is LOVING SUPPORT & SAFETY.  We will work with the element Earth through spiritual work & real-life work to help you identify your first PRACTICAL AND SPECIFIC action steps. You will connect with the Mother energy of Earth (yes, men and women both have access to Mother energy. You had a mom or a grandma, didn't you? :)) This lesson helps you identify your first steps while INCREASING the comfort you feel while doing new things.   

Lesson 3: MORE with the help of AIR

Air is about FLOW & ease of movement.  As always, we work to Identify your next PRACTICAL AND SPECIFIC action step, but this lesson will focus on the flow of money, abundance, mindset shifting so that YOU BELIEVE the Universe is helping you. You will use daily techniques I use to increase my faith that I AM RECEIVING money, abundance, help, resources & connections. For me, this is when REAL LIFE THINGS STARTED SHOWING UP. 

Lesson 4: MORE with the help of FIRE

Fire is about POWER and moving quickly. We will identify PRACTICAL AND SPECIFIC action steps by working with the energy of Fire during meditations and with exercises. But you will also kick fear's ass. Feel empowered consistently & tap into the power to help you OVER POWER procrastination. This is POWER WEEK; make your POWER MOVES. 

Lesson 5: MORE with the help of WATER

Water is EXPANSION. It is unstoppable. It is the largest mass on Earth. It is in your every cell. It can ride on air. Put out fire. Freeze. And move past any obstacle. We will identify PRACTICAL AND SPECIFIC action steps by working with the energy of WATER. This weeks exercises connect you in the deepest way to the Great Divine within. We will EXPAND your own power to move your goal forward with bigger goals, ideas that solve problems & new ways to obtain the resources you will need to reach your goal, even if that resource is just being brave enough to be the real you in your own life. 


You will now have the basics, so it's time that I teach you my master tools that I use to tap into my spiritual help. Together we'll generate new ideas for your next few weeks, create new goals and set up your mini-action plan to get you going in the coming weeks. This is your success plan mapped out even when I'm not there, so you will always know how to find your next right move.   

thats it.

the whole sha-bang-bang

Are you in?


The times I've invested in myself I always KNEW when it was the right thing. I KNEW when this was my answer.


You get so much in this program. Other coaches have advised me NOT to put this much personal time (meaning time you get to talk to me) into this because I should be charging much more.


But this is what I LOVE....being connected to the people Im coaching & working WITH THEM to get sh**t done.


You're getting: 

  •  6 LIVE Master classes - with recordings in case you miss ($1200 value)​​

  •  3, Half Hour, One on One's WITH ME!  ($375 value)

  •  My Personal Step by Step Action Plan (with time management tips incl)

  • The Video Library

  • Someone To Hold You ACCOUNTABLE

  • And? A group of people who will support you (even if your friends and family don't). They're positive, low maintenance people like us. 

More than anything'll meet your goal, but you'll also have CONFIDENCE & CLARITY and THE REAL PROCESS I USE TO MOVE MY LIFE FORWARD & MEET MY GOALS.

You can trust your decisions. 

$450 for early birds

This entire program is only $900 for 3 months.

Early Birds Make 3 payments of $150




1 payment of $400 

**The price will go back to $900. This discount price is for a limited time.


It is also non-refundable. You have up to 1 year to access the course work & to redeem your 1 on 1 time. 

Steph Stanford