Steph Stanford

I’m a spiritual badass. I'm spunky, curse-y, love animals and the ocean. Im a carnival-a-holic and a hip hop head. I believe life should be more fun and so I live that.


I’ve been a featured speaker, expert, coach and boss chick on more than 65 stages, radio shows and online programs across America. I’m a two time published author and I've helped people in Europe the Caribbean and America shift their mind, body, and souls so they can accomplish that next big thing. 

Degrees Earned 
Spiritual Books Read
Years Changing Lives

Stephanie Stanford is a great motivational speaker. She made the board feel like we were family and in this thing together again. Now we will all be able to look into ourselves and remember why we are a part of this organization. Stephanie, thank you for allowing us to open up, and showing us how to stay motivated.

~ Carrie Kashar 

Vice President, Directors of Volunteer Services of Broward County

That all sounds great. But you probably wan the REAL story. Don't you?


I was the bad choice queen and the biggest failure. I married a drug addict, divorced in my 20's, and dropped out of college. 


But I pulled myself up and out and went on to earn two college degrees, a BA in Psychology and a MBA, specializing in marketing. I was a successful leader at Boeing, Motorola and the Burger King Corp.  I had made "it."


But I was so freakin’ unhappy.  So one day I packed up my degrees, started my own biz and??? Big, ole, fat FAILED. I lost a lot of money, was unemployed nine months, took the worst job of my life. And? I developed breast cancer. 


I felt like a failure. I was depressed. I couldn't begin to think a positive thought about myself and I felt worthless. That's when life began to change.


I learned how to HEAR God, Spirit, The Universe, Whatever you call “It” and THAT'S when life started falling into place. 


I learned the two great lessons that put me on the right path.


If you listen, God will tell you what to do.

You can do anything if your mind, body and soul are in alignment with what Spirit wants for you.


I learned to re-set my life! 

The Steph Stan Story
My Philosophy

Anything is possible. 

Its not too late.

If youre still here, theres still time.

You can reset your life, start again, try something new and win again at any stage of your life.


When you align your mind, body and soul to what Spirit wants for you, then you'll know what to do and be bold enough to do it.


THAT'S resetting your life. 

My Mission 

I help spiritual folks, the boss chicks and ballers who want something new.


Together we shift what they think about themselves, the world and their opportunities.


We introduce healthy ways of eating and living that taste good and feel good, so they can operate at the highest frequency possible.


And I show them how to get answers from their soul and take the actions they are given.


We reset their lives by aligning their mind, body and soul with what Spirit wants for them.  It's always greater than what you can imagine for yourself. 

For the first time since I was 11 years old, I have made peace with every component of who I am.   I now know that I am getting closer to having the love I want because I am no longer willing to assimilate into anything other than who I really am.  I feel delivered from that crippling paralyzing mindset that any choice that has to do with love.

“Stephanie has been nothing but nurturing and positive. Stephanie took time out of her day to check on me and my progress. She held me accountable but not in a way that made me want to run and hide. I absolutely feel like she has helped me walk into my purpose. With Stephanie’s help I was able to connect and spirit showed me my truth.”


Steph Stanford